Wednesday, September 25, 2013

loving being a mom of 3 boys

OMG my kids growing so very fast.. Jackson is in his last year of preschool (2nd year).. He loves school and his teachers he talks so much and very talkative.. this kid has so much energy and is very smart.. We love him and love watching him grow.. He loves going duck hunting with his dad and can't wait for the day that he can hunt too.. He loves watching football and playing baseball. This kid is very active and can do just about anything.. He is such a good little golfer and loves going out to the golf course and playing.. Dustin is in his 1st year of preschool and loving it.. I caught him today singing this little light of mine.. LOL.. he is according to his teachers quiet as a church mouse LOL not at home.. LOL.. he is a mean 3 yr old.. but also sweet and still my baby.. He is shy to a point but warms up quickly he follows jackson in what he does (not a good thing) and is a trouble maker.. McCabe is getting so big he is starting to talk a little.. a few words here and there.. he is so funny and has such a cute personality.. He is a teaser LOL.. and Just like Jackson was at 16months.. yes that right my baby is almost a year and half:( sad... He loves to torment his brothers and make them mad.. But he is a momma's boy.. It takes him forever to warm up to people and freaks if I put him down.. He loves food still LOL.. he eats so much and all the time if he could. He is in a big boy bed and does so good. Nate is now working at West Liberty here in Tremonton it's so nice having him so close to home like as in like he could walk if he really had to. . LOL He isn't playing much softball but golfed a lot this summer.. Now getting ready for hunting season.. I am still at home with my beautiful angels.. I got into golfing this summer some what I am not very good but its still fun!! I am enjoying life as much as I can!!

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