Wednesday, September 25, 2013

loving being a mom of 3 boys

OMG my kids growing so very fast.. Jackson is in his last year of preschool (2nd year).. He loves school and his teachers he talks so much and very talkative.. this kid has so much energy and is very smart.. We love him and love watching him grow.. He loves going duck hunting with his dad and can't wait for the day that he can hunt too.. He loves watching football and playing baseball. This kid is very active and can do just about anything.. He is such a good little golfer and loves going out to the golf course and playing.. Dustin is in his 1st year of preschool and loving it.. I caught him today singing this little light of mine.. LOL.. he is according to his teachers quiet as a church mouse LOL not at home.. LOL.. he is a mean 3 yr old.. but also sweet and still my baby.. He is shy to a point but warms up quickly he follows jackson in what he does (not a good thing) and is a trouble maker.. McCabe is getting so big he is starting to talk a little.. a few words here and there.. he is so funny and has such a cute personality.. He is a teaser LOL.. and Just like Jackson was at 16months.. yes that right my baby is almost a year and half:( sad... He loves to torment his brothers and make them mad.. But he is a momma's boy.. It takes him forever to warm up to people and freaks if I put him down.. He loves food still LOL.. he eats so much and all the time if he could. He is in a big boy bed and does so good. Nate is now working at West Liberty here in Tremonton it's so nice having him so close to home like as in like he could walk if he really had to. . LOL He isn't playing much softball but golfed a lot this summer.. Now getting ready for hunting season.. I am still at home with my beautiful angels.. I got into golfing this summer some what I am not very good but its still fun!! I am enjoying life as much as I can!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

It's been awhile

Wow things have been crazy the past year. Jackson finished his first year of preschool and is starting his first year of t-ball. He is so excited!! Dustin is as stubborn as ever and is slowly getting down the potty thing. He will start his first year preschool in September. McCabe is a year old and is a mommas boy. He is teething like crazy but we enjoy every minute of it. Nate is still working at JBS and is playing lots of golf. I am stay at home still and loving it. It's crazy with three little boys but I couldn't imagine life without my boys!! I will post pictures as soon as I figure out how to do it from iPad lol.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

He's here!!!!

McCabe Jordan Bunn joined our family May 1st at 10:19 pm he weighed 6lbs 8 ounces and was 20 inches. Jackson was so excited. Dustin's reaction "don't want it." LOL. Having 3 boys is crazy but fun! Jackson will hopefully be starting pre school this year. He is a big boy and never lets us forget it He is loving the warm weather and being outside. He loves going golfing and is pretty darn good at it for a 3 1/2 yr old. Dustin still thinks he is the baby He likes the attention. He is pretty aggressive and has my temper. But brings joy to the family and is a funny kid just like his big brother.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

okay soo it's been afew months..

Well Jackson is potty trained at least during the
day, we are still working on night time. He knows
he is a big boy and keeps asking about pre school!
He is very excited for a new little brother!
He talks back a lot LOL! sad thing is most of the
time i have to walk away so I don't laugh. He
is so smart and knows it LOL!
Dustin is a stubborn whinny thing LOL! But i sure
do love him.. He is not a big fan of babies and gets
very jealous! He is talking a lot more! and getting
into baseball just like his dad and big brother!
the closer he gets to 2 the more he acts like it!
He is very smart and likes putting things together!
He is also very mean and has a temper!
Nate is still working his butt off! and playing
softball. He has to have another surgery on his
wrist not totally sure what they are going to do
exactly but it could put him out for about 8 weeks.
I am now 26 weeks pregnant with a pretty hard pregnancy.
I am very limited to what i can do without cramping
or swelling.. But excited for this little guy to join
our family. I have a torn maniskis (sp?) so June 6th
about a month after the baby is born I go back to the
doctor for them to fix it. Not sure what they will do
but I know they will scope it. So that means NO softball
for me..
We are getting by and loving life the best we can!
For Christmas nate got me tickets (okay i ordered them
and everything) but it was to the brad paisley, the band perry,
and scotty mccreery concert!! It was awesome!!
Other then that life is just as crazy and getting crazier!
I will try to get pictures on later when I have some time!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Well it's been a few months!! I am 14 weeks pregnant!
YAY i know!! we find out what we are having on the 12th
of December!! my big 20 week ultrasound won't be until after
new years.. Nothing new really has been going on. The boys are
getting so big!! Jackson is excited to have a new baby, Dustin
not so much.. Jax is 3 now and very smart he makes us laugh all
the time and keeps us on our toes.He is definitely his daddies
boy everyday he asks if he can go play T-ball sadly he is still
to young to play and it's hard for him to understand that. He
understands soo much and talks soo much, in the car we play
like 100 questions LOL! and if you don't answer him back he says
"answer me" LOL! He remembers everything but he always says he did it
last night! IT's soo funny to listen to him tell stories.
Dustin is now almost 20 months.. hard to believe he will be 2 soon.
He isn't talking a lot but understands soo much. He favorite word
is still NO.. And he knows how to get out of trouble. He definitely
has the fake crying down. He is where he suppose to be weight wise finally.
He got his shots the other day to catch him up and it was kinda sad.
but he is one tough boy and well moved his leg after she stuck the needle
in and almost broke it. Yes there is now a bruise.. after getting a sucker
the kid was back to normal!
Between both boys this year we have had our fair share in the ER.. me and nate
only a few!!
Nate is working hard. He is going to see a new Doctor about his wrist, the Dr
he was going to wants to do another surgery, which could be him out of work longer
and it may not have to happen, so he will now be traveling to Layton to go to the
Doctor. He is one more tournament this year which is in Vegas.
I am still going to school. I have become a night owl.. I can't sleep at night.
which makes it really hard since my kids don't sleep as long as i would
like them too! This pregnancy has been so much different i was really sick
at first due to dehydration, because i couldn't keep anything down..
Doing better now still can't eat a lot but i'm eating!!
Until next time!! Hopefully with pictures!!

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